Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time for some Creative Fun - Installing a Kiln Vent

Some days I just feel like making weird or silly pottery.  No plans, just go with the flow of the clay.  
 I have some wild underglaze ideas for these goofy porcelain jars. I needed to have some creative fun this week.  

My pottery has been on Etsy for a month now.  I don't have much to report, only that it has been a slow start.  

John installed a vent on my kiln today.   It's hard to believe that 3 little drill holes is going to vent the kiln.  Doesn't he look thrilled :)

  I'm just hoping it helps cure the ongoing pinholing problem.

My new Facebook Pottery Page is doing great with 50 members so far.  Pretty cool.

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  1. Congrats on your installation today! :)
    I really like your lidded jars they are very fun. You'll have to let us all know when they're all glazed up & pretty! Post some pics.
    Hang in there with your Etsy shop! It will happen!
    Ciao~ Chrissy

  2. i like the little porcelain jars and how exciting to get a kiln vent installed. not sure about the relationship to that and pinholing but if you ask 100 potters about pinholing you will get 100 reasons why it might be happening. i struggled for a long time with it myself. do you use whiting in your glaze?

  3. Love the whimsey of the lidded jars, very nice. Po Wen had a post about pinholing recently, here is the link

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments.

    Jim: I do have a couple glazes with whiting. Over the past 6 months of firing in the 28T, even very reliable commercial glazes are not immuned to the pinholing. The only thing that comes out of my kiln without pinholing is porcelain. I'll be firing at the end of the month. I'll let you know if the vent helped.

    Linda: Great link. BTW, when we installed the vent, we performed several tests and decided to drill 2 holes in the lid.