Monday, February 15, 2010

Kicking the Red Dirt

Laguna Hawaiian Red Clay is rough grog.  It stains my hands.  It's a mess to clean up..  But I love the results.  
It was such a nice day today.  I had the studio doors open and a honey bee flew in and buzzed around for a while.. It was nice to have some company :) 

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  1. GOOD LORD the door was OPEN????? Guess you aren't getting any snow today....

  2. Nice to see you are throwing still and haven't become too disillusioned. The pots look great, I assume the clay is earthenware?
    Look forward to seeing the finished results.

  3. Cindy.. Great red bowls made with the (almost spring) sunshine warming your studio. Nice:)
    Take care. T.

  4. Mark, Disillusioned with selling, yes. Disillusioned with clay.. Never :)

  5. hurray for the honey bee! that's quite a clean pantleg in that photo