Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reclaiming Clay - Grinding and Kiln Washing Shelves - Taking Care of the Yucky Stuff

Today was the perfect day to get some of the not so fun stuff done.  The birds even showed up to soak up some of the sun before the next storm moves in.

My kiln shelves were in sad shape.  I had to take the grinder to a few spots.  Did a couple coats of kiln wash.  See how pretty they look now :)

My Homer bucket of throw water clay got full, so I added some dry scraps ..and the mutt reclaiming begins.  

Tomorrow I'll buzz it again with the drill mixer and plop it on these plaster drying slabs.
Glad to be getting these chores off my to do list.

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  1. man, you need to come to my house! all these things and more are on my need-to-do-list, i just can't bring myself to do it. not to mention it's pretty cold outside. i like your plaster reclaiming slabs, think i'll have to make some. i've been trying to decide how to do it and now that i see yours i know what to do ;)

  2. GOOD LORD you ground your shelves? You should how crusty everything is in my studio, the floor, walls, kiln shelves, tools, tables....and that isn't normal?

  3. well good for you... i need to redo my shelves too and i've been putting it off. and reclaim, i've got years of it waiting.

  4. The shelves look as good as new. Gold star for you!
    I still have much to much reclaiming to do, maybe next week...

  5. Your blog is great !So happy that we found you!!!!