Friday, March 30, 2012

Plaster Bowl for Reclaiming Clay Slurry

This is a continuation from my Plaster Slurry Bowl post.

As the bowl was drying it became apparent that the surface wasn't going to heal hard enough to use for reclaiming clay. When plaster isn't smooth it has a tendency to flake and crumble.
Since the bowl was still somewhat damp, John suggested that I attempt trimming out the uneven surface and air bubbles. (I would not suggest trimming dry plaster for obvious reasons).

Trimming plaster isn't much different than trimming clay, except plaster doesn't ribbon off, it just make little flakes.  I used a vacuum with  hepa filter to collect the trimmings.  After trimming I used a metal rib and burnished the heck out of the surface.
The result was very good!! Yea! The surface was smooth and hard.

UPDATE:  The bowl worked well for reclaiming slurry.

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