Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charm Necklaces ~ Ceramic Pendant Necklaces

 Purple Heart Charm Necklace

I have been wearing one of my charm necklaces and I sure get the comments.   It's cute and casual.  I made the pendants very light weight.  It's so comfortable too.  The beautiful little Swarovski Crystal charm really adds an element of sparkle and magic to the piece.    

Teal Flower Pendant

I really lucked out on the Swarovski Crystals.   Lucky, but sad, because my long time local bead store is going out of business and their entire inventory was on clearance.  So I got a good buy on the crystals.

Country Heart Charm Necklace
by DirtKicker Pottery

I really enjoyed putting these adorable necklaces together.   I hope they will be a hit on Etsy so I can hurry and make some more :)   

Rustic Patina Heart Pendant

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