Saturday, July 21, 2012

organizing glaze chemicals

This week I've been working on organizing my glaze chemicals. John bought me a nice cabinet and containers for my birthday. My retired potter friend Jack, gifted me his collection of glaze chemicals, which included several materials that are no longer available. 

I used my spray booth to help keep the dust contained while transferring the materials from old paper bags and coffee cans to new clear plastic containers.  It worked so well that I probably didn't need a mask, but I used one anyway. Can't be too safe, right?

Most of my containers are from Walmart. More than I really wanted to pay, but when I went online to order in bulk, it wasn't must less, plus the shipping was crazy expensive.

With my small materials collection added to Jack's 40 year collection, I feel that I have a excellent base to start doing some serious glaze testing.

Making my own glaze has been a goal of mine for a long while. I just haven't had the patience to really jump in. I have a few base recipes picked out and I'm going to start experimenting slowly.  "GlazeMaster" should help me keep the glazes safe.  Hopefully along the way the pieces of the puzzle will come together.