Saturday, February 2, 2013

Throwing Pitchers - Part One

This morning I watched a video clip of Arwyn Jones forming the spout on a tall jug.   I was instantly inspired to throw some pitchers.    Mine are made with about 5 lbs of clay.

I start with a good bit of clay at the base because I compress well and I like a little extra clay weight on tall pieces.
At this point I think about where I need to leave the clay thick for bellying out.

I like using the soft "Sherrill Mud Tools" rib when pulling up a heavy amount of clay.  Some people use a sponge or knuckle. 

I sized my base and starting to work on form.

The throwing is complete.

I used Steven Hill's technique of lifting the rim on each side.  It created a slight oval shape.  After the piece is leather hard I will throw and attach a beaked spout. 

I threw four pitchers today.  On two I formed spouts from the rim.  I used Arwyn's technique for the spout.  If you watch his short video, you will see he uses his thumb and middle finger to define the flow between the body and the spout.   It's going to take some practice to perfect that technique.

I need to wait for these to get leather hard, then I'll pull handles, throw a couple beaked spouts and decorate.

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  1. Inspiring! I need to make a few pitchers too. Thanks for this.

    1. Amy, Sometimes when I see a technique I like, I cant focus on anything except getting out to the studio and giving it a go. If you make some pitchers, please blog them.

  2. You make it look so easy. In reality I can really only dream about making something so beautiful!

    1. Robin, I would love to teach you how to make pottery. I know you would be excellent.

  3. Thanks. That was an impressive jug in the video.