Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Throwing Pitchers - Part Two - Spouts and Handles

Wheel thrown Pitchers and Jug

The plan was to add some technique variety to my spouts.  Starting from the left: 
#1 - simple jug with narrow neck, sized for a cork stopper.
#2 & #4 - rim pulled spout.
#3 - attached wheel thrown beaked spout.
#5 - attached slab beaked spout.

Wheel thrown beaked spout - I threw a cylinder with a wide split rim.  I used my heat gun to firm it up, then cut the shape of my spout.  Scored and attached using magic water.   After the attachment was secure I did some shape work on the spout. 

Slab beaked spout - starts with a snow cone shape.  

Size and cut the pitcher.  Bevel the inside edge for a smoother transition between the pitcher body and the attached spout.  Score, magic water and attach the spout.    
Freshly attached spout ready for detail shaping.

I pulled the handles not on the pitcher, mainly because the pitchers were not quite leather hard and I didn't want to cause distortion.

I added some subtle decorative touches with shaping and bisque stamps.  Each of these pieces were thrown using 5lbs of clay.    Down the road, I might make some larger pitchers, but for now, the 5lbs doesn't mess with my neck.

If you haven't thrown pitchers or jugs, I suggest you give it a go.  They are fun and a good challenge.

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    1. Thanks! I'm in pitcher mode. I woke up this morning thinking about making more.

  2. Very attractive shapes. Seems like 5 lb.s would make a good size pitcher, keeping in mind the weight of the beverage it's filled with, too.

  3. Those are great! Thanks for the demos.

  4. Love this post. I love making pitchers my favorite pieces to throw. Ivie