Saturday, March 9, 2013

corn starch and stamping clay tip

Don't ask me why i waited so long to try corn starch with stamping on clay.   The stamp results are so much nicer and little to no sticking! 

The tip I read for making a corn starch blotter, instructed me to put the corn starch inside an old sock, but I'm sorry, old socks will not be used as a tool in my studio.  I have to draw the line somewhere.   Instead I cut a square of cotton scrap material, put about a half cup of corn starch in the middle, pulled up the corners and twisted a rubber band around it.   It's cute and works awesome.

This metal stamp has my logo.  I use it when making the little magnets that I include with purchase.   (I don't plan to use corn starch with my bisque stamps, since I don't have a problem with them sticking.)

If you have issues with sticky stamps, try using corn starch, it's worth the extra step.

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  1. the best methods are so simple! Thanks!!

  2. Thanks for the tip.... It will come in handy as i have a variety of rubberstamps, buttons and other objects, that i seldom use, because they stick.

  3. I just recently learned about using cornstarch, but hadn't thought to make the blotter. Good idea.

  4. ah--- helpful to know--- this was news for me, thanks!

  5. Great tip to make the blotter! I use cornstarch but your blotter idea should make it even easier to use.

  6. Great tip!! I'm looking through my fabric remnants right now.