Friday, April 5, 2013

Throwing lids off the hump - Trimming lids and throwing knobs

I've tried so many different techniques for making lids and knobs, but I always go back to the very first way I learned.  BTW, I love making lids, it's one of my favorite parts of making pottery.

Throwing lids off the hump

Off the hump, I throw little bowls to my specified measurement.   I always make them just a tad wider than I need, because I can always remove clay, but I can't put it back.

After I trim the lid, I attach some fresh clay and throw the knob.

I think that throwing allows me the best control in forming the final shape.
After the lid and knob are bone dry, I do my final fitting of the lid to the pot.   I rarely have a lid that doesn't fit well.  

Happy throwing :)

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  1. I love making lids also! My students say I have a lid fetish, as I am always pushing them to put lids on things. But people need a push to make lids - it's a very useful skill, but an easy one to skip, as it has a rather steep learning curve. It's tempting for a student to say, "Oh, this bowl [or whatever] is good enough as it is." Ha! That's where I come in.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished jars!

  2. Your lids look great. It's always fun to play with different lid styles, even if you don't make them all the time.