Sunday, October 20, 2013

DIY Bisque Texture Rollers for Pottery

Carved and Slip Trailed Texture Rollers

Texture rollers are a fast and fun way to add decorative details to your pottery creations.     

To make DIY texture rollers, I started out with small extruded tubes.  I let them dry to far leather hard so they wouldn't mis-shape with handling and also they would be perfect for carving.    I did dampen the surface with a sponge prior to applying  the slip trail decorations. 

This batch really wasn't planned out.  My carvings and slip trailing were all spontaneous and freehand.  I usually get my best results just being spontaneous and free to take risks with design.   
When slip trailing a stamp, the slip consistency is very important.  It can't be runny or the trail will flatten out and won't make a good impression when in use.

Creating your own original designs for decorating can be very satisfying.  Give it a try and have fun.

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