Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mark Arthur of Brookfield Pottery ~ We will miss you

Fish Vase by Mark Arthur,
Brookfield Pottery

Last week the Ceramic Community lost a wonderful Artist.   Many of you knew Mark from his series of pottery videos on YouTube.

Mark made all types of pottery.  Barrel fired terra sigillata was his specialty.  He did a lot of  experimentation with glaze and different firing techniques.  Mark was generous in sharing what he had learned.
Eventhough Mark was in the UK and I in the US, he was a wonderful friend.   Always supportive and gave straight forward advice.  I will miss him very much.   My heart goes out to Mark's wife Michelle and their family.

Here is a link to Mark's Blog, which further links to his YouTube Channel:  Brookfield Pottery

This is a song Mark wrote for his wife Michelle


  1. I had a look at Mark Arthur's blog for the first time and some of his videos as the result of reading this post. What a lovely person he was, and you will miss him. It is so good that blogged and shared so much practical help through his words, photos, and videos; the internet can be wonderful when people share like that. I thought that his video where he talks about finding your style is particularly moving at this time, as he begins by talking about mortality and potters leaving something of themselves in their work, long after they die. Thank you for including the link to Brookfield Pottery, and kind thoughts to you.

    1. Hi Peter, The last few nights I have gone back and read his blog and watched his videos again. He left us with a lot to think about and a lot to miss. Thanks so much for your comment.