Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ball Opener - DIY Throwing Tool - Pottery Tip

I fondly refer to this tool as the "Ball Buster".

The Ball Opener
Designed by Tom Whitaker

Tom Whitaker generously shared his design for the "Ball Opener" on YouTube.    This tool is used to open clay on the wheel and pull a perfectly even bottom. 

John made mine with a couple changes.  We used regular 1/2" PVC (schedule 40) and built a sized down model to better fit my strength and throwing needs.   We also plugged the peg holes with "JB Weld" Plastic Weld Putty and sanded all the sharp edges.  

A quick way to start your pots on the wheel. I think this tool is great for production pottery making, it definitely speeds up the process.  I like this tool a lot, but I also love the process of opening a ball of clay with my hands.

Happy Clay Day!