Monday, January 13, 2014

Getting back to work in the Studio

The first week back in the studio wasn't very productive.   I had a tough time getting my head back into making pottery.  Maybe because I had too many ideas swirling around.   What ever it was, I hope I'm over it because I need to get some work done.

John's making me a new studio table.  It's going to be very sturdy and big!  It will be metal tube construction with a maple butcher block top.   I can't wait!   I've been using one of those long folding tables from Costco.  Over the past few years it has warped badly in the middle.  So Tammy Jo, if you're reading this, I know you like the long table but, I can't recommend a folding resin table for long term studio use. 
Mishima tool made by Phil Poburka
 of Bison Tools. 

Mishima, mishima, mishima!  It's a nice little treat.   Thank you Diana Fayt for re-introducing me to this addictive technique.  I enjoy drawing on clay.  I free-hand my own illustration designs.  Maybe simple designs, but they make me smile.

Tea Jar with Red Balloon

Happy clay day :)

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