Friday, September 5, 2014

37 Test Tiles in the Kiln

Gorgeous Iron Oxides

Just look at those colors!  The Crocus Martis is an iron oxide.  In the chemical state it has a rich raspberry hue.   The Spanish RIO is more orange and reminds me of terracotta.  I mixed up a few cone 6 iron recipes, plus a few with revisions. To get the nice rusty orange/red results in oxidation, a slow cool is suggested.   I decided not to program a custom cool down because my kiln is pretty big and it cools slow naturally.   Also I didn't want to chance messing up my other glazes.    If the reds don't happen in my current firing schedule, I might try a programmed slow cool at a later time.   I would really love to have a small programmable kiln for testing and small loads.  I checked out a new little L&L and about fell off my chair when I saw the price.  I'll just keep watching craigslist. 

Labeled and ready to dip.  I only have one Mason Stain in this test run.  I'm more curious about arriving at colors with oxides and other chemicals.   I love being surprised.

There is just something really beautiful about test tiles.

Firing today.  Hope these tiles will result in some glazes worth keeping. 



  1. Yeah I can't believe the prices of those little test kilns. Someone in the guild I belong to has a used Skutt KS 614 -3 for sale for $350. I know that doesn't help you in NV, but hopefully you can find something on Craigslist or the potter barter yahoo group. Good luck with the tests!

    1. I looked up the Skutt KS 614 -3 and what a tiny little cutie.
      My ideal would be something about 3.5-4 CF so I could fire small loads too.