Saturday, March 7, 2015

patience and mindful creativity

When January 2015 came around I felt a self imposed pressure to present something new for the year.  A new direction, something totally different.  I played around making pieces that I've never made before.  I even considered testing out some new clays. 

Rustic Rose Mug - 2010
DirtKicker Pottery

Rustic Rose Mug - 2014
DirtKicker Pottery

I tried, but nothing new appealed to me.  Probably because I have already found a style and direction in my work that I really enjoy.

Sometimes we have to force ourselves to turn off the voice of ego and turn on the voice of good work.  If we are patient and pay attention, we will see creative change happen naturally.

Aurora Borealis Mug - 2010
DirtKicker Pottery

Aurora Borealis Mug - 2011
DirtKicker Pottery

Aurora Borealis Mug - 2013
DirtKicker Pottery 

Aurora Borealis Mug - 2014/15
DirtKicker Pottery

It's fun to look back and still appreciate what I made 5 years ago.  It's also inspiring to know that year to year it will continue to morph into something new.

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