Friday, July 31, 2015


White Echinacea 
at DirtKicker Ranch

Such awesome inspiration God gives us
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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Handmade Coffee Scoops and Kitchen Scoops - By DirtKicker Pottery

Making scoops is a fun way for me to relax and experiment with new decorating ideas.

My scoops are handmade from silky smooth porcelain clay.

I make them in 4 sizes
Small, Medium, Large and.......

This big scoop can be used similar to a ladle or serving spoon.  Perfect for serving thick soups or chili.

Honey Bee Scoop

I like to put a little hole in the handle so the scoops can be displayed when not in use.

Coffee Scoop
by DirtKicker Pottery
DirtKicker Pottery Scoops are adorable and full of personality.  Currently available for purchase in my DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop.

All designs, photos and content are ©copyright Cindy Gilliland 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wheel Thrown Mugs by DirtKicker Pottery

Honey Bee and Echinacea Mug
by ©DirtKicker Pottery

.. and the cycle begins again.

I love the beginning of a new making cycle.  After reflecting on the good and bad from the last firing, I can now go forward to make even better pots and incorporate new ideas.

I love making mugs, so I always start a new cycle with my favorite form.  

See my DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop for Romantic and adorable Mugs.

Throwing a DirtKicker Pottery mug

All designs, photos and content are owned by and copyright ©Cindy Gilliland 2015

Friday, February 6, 2015

Loving the Pour-Over Coffee Makers

I love coffee, I always have.  I remember being a tiny girl and my Daddy giving me "just one sip" from his coffee cup.

Pour over drip coffee maker 
by DirtKicker Pottery

There's just something about making and serving coffee in handmade pottery.  It's very satisfying and cozy.

I make my pour-overs kind of big, because I usually make generous size mugs.    

Keep an eye on my DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop for One of a kind pour-over drip coffee makers and adorable coffee mugs. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

fun little surprize

Yesterday I was looking through my new December 2014 issue of Sunset Magazine.  There was an article on a beautiful Washington home.  The photo of the kitchen caught my eye because there was lovely open shelves for the dishes instead of cupboards,   I looked a little closer and noticed two pieces of my pottery sitting on the kitchen counter.   

Made me smile :-)

DirtKicker Pottery Sunflower Honey Pot
 and French Butter Keeper

Happy Clay Days!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

pie.. another reason to love Fall

When I'm making pie dishes my mind can't help but wonder about the delicious desserts that will be baked and served to family and friends. 
Heart Pie Dish
by DirtKicker Pottery

 Pie Dish with Poppies,
by DirtKicker Pottery

  Pie Dish with Echinacea Flower,
by DirtKicker Pottery

I like to make my pie dishes with deep ruffled rims.  I love the over the top exaggerated pie form.     
Wheel Thrown Pie Dishes
by DirtKicker Pottery

During the Fall months I usually have a pie dish or two for sale in my DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop!

"Cindy's Tasty Apple Pie"

- 4 big Granny Smith Apples (peeled and sliced however thick you like)
- The juice of 1 large (or 2 small) lemons
- 3/4 cup of brown sugar
- 2 tbsp of butter
- 1/4 tsp almond extract
- 1/2 tsp cinnamon
- 1/8 tsp nutmeg
- pinch of salt
- 2 tbsp of Wondra
1 Pillsbury Pie Crusts Pack (No, I don't make my own pie crust!)

* Do not pre-heat the oven.  Since pottery doesn't like drastic temperature changes, it's best put the pie in a room temp oven and allow the dish and the oven to slowly heat up together.
In a deep skillet pan, at medium heat, I mix together the above ingredients (excluding the crust)in the order they are listed.  Stir a little between.  
Then pour the gooey mixture into a 9-ish" crusted pie dish.  Top with crust strips to create a lattice.  Crimp the edges and sprinkle a little cinnamon and sugar on top.
Cover the crust edges with foil to prevent over browning.  Place the pie in the oven on a foil lined cookie sheet to prevent spill over mess. 

Place a sheet of foil over the top of the pie and turn the oven on 350°.  Remember to remove the sheet of foil after the oven comes to temperature.  (I use tongs, because it's hot in there!)  
At 350° bake for 1 hour or until apples are tender. Remove foil from crust edges for the last 10 minutes of baking.

Allow pie to cool on a cooling rack for a couple hours.   Do not place a hot pie dish on a cold counter top.

Happy pie making!

All photos, content and designs are ©copyright Cindy Gilliland 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mothers and Daughters

I received an email a couple months ago asking for 3 heart mugs. When I make my heart mugs I usually don't know the story the mug will be a part of.  I only know that it's about love. 

When I made these 3 mugs it was different.  I knew the love story and it followed me through the entire process.  Thoughts of Mothers and Daughters.  Thoughts of three daughters and a mother who signed her cards to them with hearts.   Three daughters that recently lost their Mom to cancer.  
Rustic Heart Mug

Cara wrote:
"  It was a difficult year for my sisters and I, and although surrounding ourselves with family and friends has helped so much…I have been looking for a daily reminder to focus on life’s happinesses. And there are a lot of them! She may not be able to write me letters signed with her heart anymore, but I know that seeing that heart on my mug every morning will bring a smile to my face, and hopefully my sister’s faces too".

Thank you Cara.  I am honored to make something that will be a remembrance of this Love story.

Truly a reminder for me not to take one day together for granted.

Any conversation is safe with me, I'm here for you any time of day or night. Angry words forgiven and forgot, lessons learned, lessons taught.  Tears shared and understood, triumphs praised and cheered.  A closeness only death can part, Forever sweet memories carried in my heart.