Saturday, March 13, 2010

Reclaiming Clay - Grinding and Kiln Washing Shelves - Taking Care of the Yucky Stuff

Today was the perfect day to get some of the not so fun stuff done.  The birds even showed up to soak up some of the sun before the next storm moves in.

My kiln shelves were in sad shape.  I had to take the grinder to a few spots.  Did a couple coats of kiln wash.  See how pretty they look now :)

My Homer bucket of throw water clay got full, so I added some dry scraps ..and the mutt reclaiming begins.  

Tomorrow I'll buzz it again with the drill mixer and plop it on these plaster drying slabs.
Glad to be getting these chores off my to do list.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Finishing Touches - Making Pottery

Lots of slip trailing today.  Can you tell what the squiggles are on this snack plate?

I also attached open ended handles to a couple queso bowls.  I'm thinking about glazing just the inside and rim, leaving the outside natural..  What do you think?

I ordered a metal name stamp.  The lettering is from a sample of my own printed handwriting.  It's one-inch wide.  I think it's cute.  Kind of difficult to use without distorting the other side of the pot. 
Another good studio day :)

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Makeshift Drying Cabinet for Pottery - Studio Tip

I'm having better luck with the porcelain.  Actually it's not so much better luck, but learning to work with the quirks of porcelain. I used one of my metal racks and made a makeshift drying cabinet.

 Heavy plastic, packing tape and velcro... Voila :)

UPDATE:   After a year I scrapped the velcro. I converted the door seal to close with
 "rare earth" magnets instead.  I used packing tape to secure them.  It works fantastic!

Creating an environment where the piece can dry evenly is key. I haven't had one cracked or warped pot since I started using the drying cabinet.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Kicking the Red Dirt

Laguna Hawaiian Red Clay is rough grog.  It stains my hands.  It's a mess to clean up..  But I love the results.  
It was such a nice day today.  I had the studio doors open and a honey bee flew in and buzzed around for a while.. It was nice to have some company :) 

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Custom Salt Cellar for Polish Bread, Salt and Wine Ceremony

Polish Wedding Salt and Wine Ceremony - Salt Jar
by DirtKicker Pottery

I'm working on a custom request for a Polish wedding.  A salt cellar.   I have taken design direction from the Sister of the Bride.   I made three for her to choose from.  It will be glazed in a plum purple with some light iridescent accents.    These are the three contenders.  Which would you choose?  OK.. Be nice.

They like this last one the best.  I sure hope it comes out of the kiln looking pretty.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time for some Creative Fun - Installing a Kiln Vent

Some days I just feel like making weird or silly pottery.  No plans, just go with the flow of the clay.  
 I have some wild underglaze ideas for these goofy porcelain jars. I needed to have some creative fun this week.  

My pottery has been on Etsy for a month now.  I don't have much to report, only that it has been a slow start.  

John installed a vent on my kiln today.   It's hard to believe that 3 little drill holes is going to vent the kiln.  Doesn't he look thrilled :)

  I'm just hoping it helps cure the ongoing pinholing problem.

My new Facebook Pottery Page is doing great with 50 members so far.  Pretty cool.

All designs, photos and content herein are owned by and ©copyright Cindy Gilliland 2010.