Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time for some Creative Fun - Installing a Kiln Vent

Some days I just feel like making weird or silly pottery.  No plans, just go with the flow of the clay.  
 I have some wild underglaze ideas for these goofy porcelain jars. I needed to have some creative fun this week.  

My pottery has been on Etsy for a month now.  I don't have much to report, only that it has been a slow start.  

John installed a vent on my kiln today.   It's hard to believe that 3 little drill holes is going to vent the kiln.  Doesn't he look thrilled :)

  I'm just hoping it helps cure the ongoing pinholing problem.

My new Facebook Pottery Page is doing great with 50 members so far.  Pretty cool.

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