Wednesday, May 16, 2012

be inspired, but make it your own

Starry Night Vase   

I am often inspired by other artists (hence VanGogh's Starry Night).   I ask myself how can I take "my feelings" of VanGogh's painting and put them into making a vase or mug or platter?    If you can reach into your feelings, you can be inspired by anything.  Nature, heart break, music, love, art, need..  anything.   Learning to tap into your own creativity will result in a piece that is inspired, but also unique to you.  The coolest part is that the piece will emit your feelings.   

There is a huge difference between "inspiration" and "duplication".  I don't believe that an artist can "duplicate" the work of another artist and truly be satisfied.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to miss out on the creative process. That's where the intrigue and satisfaction comes in for me.  Taking time and risks that results in something special, brings heart to the piece.

I have many customers who tell me that when they use my pottery it makes them feel happy.  I am convinced that the love I have for making pottery flows though the piece to the person who uses it.

I think anyone can learn to make an empty pot, but an artist can make an empty pot feel full.  

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charm Necklaces ~ Ceramic Pendant Necklaces

 Purple Heart Charm Necklace

I have been wearing one of my charm necklaces and I sure get the comments.   It's cute and casual.  I made the pendants very light weight.  It's so comfortable too.  The beautiful little Swarovski Crystal charm really adds an element of sparkle and magic to the piece.    

Teal Flower Pendant

I really lucked out on the Swarovski Crystals.   Lucky, but sad, because my long time local bead store is going out of business and their entire inventory was on clearance.  So I got a good buy on the crystals.

Country Heart Charm Necklace
by DirtKicker Pottery

I really enjoyed putting these adorable necklaces together.   I hope they will be a hit on Etsy so I can hurry and make some more :)   

Rustic Patina Heart Pendant

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