Wednesday, June 6, 2012

bringing a little nature into the picture

Rainy Day Mug
by DirtKicker Pottery

At the start of my pottery journey I lived to throw.  Throwing was my favorite part of the process.   Then I fell in love with surface treatments..  then glazing.   I guess taking photos isn't really part of the making process, but it is part of the selling process.   So it's important to find inspiration and joy in my photo shoots.

I originally started with bringing fresh flowers into my photos.  Flowers always lift my mood, so every making cycle had to include a vase or two.  Then last year we went to Sand Harbor Beach at Lake Tahoe a lot.  One visit I found a piece of drift wood that I really wanted use in making a sign for my pottery studio.   That piece was so rustic and wonderful I decided to set a mug on and snap a few shots.  Sure enough.. I loved the results.  I'm not sure if other people love it, but who cares, i love it.
Country Style Rice Bowls

Taking pottery shots outside in natural light is my favorite, but the lighting has to be perfect and lugging pots outside is a pain.   Also too much messing around with the camera settings.  So I decided to bring some beautiful rocks into my photo cube.   My pottery got to hike and hang out on some cool Lake Tahoe rocks.  I love the results.   Again, not for everyone, but it works for me.   

Rustic Garden Mug

Earlier this week I did entertain the idea of getting a white background, but the idea just couldn't go anywhere creative for me, so i went another direction.

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