Saturday, August 11, 2012

bullseye - mug with a hole through the middle

Every once in a while my daughter Tessa will come up with a glaze combo or design that she wants me to try.  This time, Tess has come up with a mug design that is a bit challenging for me.

Tessa isn't a potter, but she is an artist.  This is her design sketch. 

So yeah, my first try wasn't a success.  I'm thinking maybe I need to make vertical cuts on opposing sides and gently meet them to form the closed arch.   Or.. maybe I need to wait until the piece is at soft leather hard and then cut and form.   

The rim took on an oval shape with a slight sway.   If you look at Tessa's sketch, you can see that she anticipated the rim would take this shape during the process.  

I'm going to give this design some thought and try again.  

August 13, 2012
I inserted a clay tube into the center and smoothed it out.  Not exactly like Tessa's design, but close enough for an the challenge.

I'm not finished with this mug project.  I have another technique that I think will work better.  I'll post another update when complete.

Glazed :)