Thursday, September 20, 2012

DIY Trimming Shield for the Quick Trim II

I purchased the Quick Trim II a few weeks ago.  After the first use I was on a mission to figure out a way to control the flying trimmings.   

I went online and found nothing commercially made for the problem.  I did  find a few potters getting creative with garbage cans and card board boxes.   My saving grace was a facebook message from Nancy Braches at Hill Top Pottery.  She shared her idea of using a thin plastic shelf liner.  Nancy's installation is different from mine.  She did some cutting of the plastic and installed the shield directly inside the splash pan.  If you want to see it, check out her Facebook page.


I decided to attach the shield on the outside of the splash pan.  I used a bungie cord to hold it snug.   I purchased the shelf liner online from Global Industrial.  It cost $8.25 plus shipping.    The size I ordered is 36" x 18" and I didn't need to make any modifications at all.    The bungie cord I bought at Walmart in the sports department.      

This Trim Shield worked just awesome!!!    Easy to set up and easy to take down.

The Quick Trim II is very easy and versatile.  I just love it. 


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rustic Blue Pottery Piggy Bank

Rustic Blue Pottery Piggy Bank 9-4-12

Country Rose Mug and
Rustic Piggy Bank, by DirtKicker Pottery

A couple cute new pieces from this mornings kiln.

Coming soon to DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop!