Monday, December 17, 2012

Honey Pots / Honey Jars by DirtKicker Pottery

Raindrops on Roses Honey Pot
by DirtKicker Pottery

I love local organic honey.   It's so good for allergies.  We have hills covered in sage brush and rabbit brush and when it blooms it causes such bad allergies... sinus headache, itchy eyes, sneezing.   I discovered that if I use some of that local honey in my tea, I don't get allergies so bad.   It's awesome and yummy too.

Vintage Rose Honey Pot
by DirtKicker Pottery

Wheel thrown honey pots are adorable and convenient.

Sunflower Honey Pot
by DirtKicker Pottery

Visit my DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop to see honey pots in stock.  If I'm out of stock, don't worry, I usually include honey pots in each kiln firing.