Friday, April 5, 2013

Throwing lids off the hump - Trimming lids and throwing knobs

I've tried so many different techniques for making lids and knobs, but I always go back to the very first way I learned.  BTW, I love making lids, it's one of my favorite parts of making pottery.

Throwing lids off the hump

Off the hump, I throw little bowls to my specified measurement.   I always make them just a tad wider than I need, because I can always remove clay, but I can't put it back.

After I trim the lid, I attach some fresh clay and throw the knob.

I think that throwing allows me the best control in forming the final shape.
After the lid and knob are bone dry, I do my final fitting of the lid to the pot.   I rarely have a lid that doesn't fit well.  

Happy throwing :)

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