Monday, July 1, 2013

Wheel Thrown Slab Hump Mold Plates - Pottery Making Tip

What? Huh? Throwing slabs on the hump sounds really weird.  Here's what I have going on.
 I poured a plaster hump mold and used E-6000 to attach it to an old bat.   I know many potters really don't like using plaster for bats or hump molds, but if the plaster is mixed and poured right, it's awesome and safe to use.

I rolled a thicker slab and placed it on the hump mold.

Starting at the center, I used a sponge to compress the clay onto the mold.  

Next moved clay from the center and up from the side to form a foot ring.  No trimming necessary :) 

This plate isn't ideal for my stamped decorations, so I decided to have a little slip-trailing fun. 

Now the big question is..  will this thrown slab plate warp in the kiln? 

Check out these Youtube videos showing this technique!  Steve Booton and Mark Lueders 

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