Sunday, September 15, 2013

Clay Project for Kids - Making Pottery Spoons - Pottery Making Tip

Roslyn, my granddaughter/apprentice was in the studio today.  She was so excited to use the new North Star Slab Roller.

I demonstrated how to use it and asked if she needed any help, she confidently said.. No Grandma, I can do it all by myself.
She was impressed with the super roller.  She loves the steering wheel the best.

When making anything with slabs, it's a good idea to smooth out the canvas imprint on the clay.  The small yellow mud tools rib is a favorite.  It fits her hands well.  

For the first spoon she used a heart shaped cookie cutter. 
Next she used a templet to cut out the spoon handle.  She decided to use the MKM tool and add texture on the handle.
Next she scores and uses magic water for the attachment.  She applies gentle, but firm pressure to attach the spoon section to the handle.

She also made a round spoon for her Papa.  In this photo you can see her applying magic water to the scored areas.
On this spoon she added an additional decorative detail.  She rolled a marble size ball of clay, then flattened it into a button shape.  Attached with scoring and magic water.  
She then used a bisque stamp and added a cool spiral to the button attachment.
To add a bit more style and flare, she gently created a lift wave in the spoon handle.  
Here are the clay spoons we I made together today.

* UPDATE!!  Spoons have been glazed and fired.  We did have one spoon break (total bummer), but the rest turned out very cute!

Pottery Spoons made at DirtKicker Pottery