Saturday, February 15, 2014

Throwing Bowls

Last week I starting throwing bowls. Mostly Large bowls and noodle bowls.

Happy Clay Day!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Pottery Studio Table

Any potter who decorates pieces or incorporates hand-building will understand why this table is such a big deal for me.  It's level, big and heavy duty.  Perfect!

When John was designing this table, the height was something I had trouble deciding on.  Many clay artists have tall tables so they can stand while working.  After much consideration I decided to go with a standard table height.

I stand while throwing, I stand while pugging, I stand while slab rolling and I stand while glazing.  I wanted the table to be a place I could be off my feet and sit ergonomically  healthy.   I also wanted the table low enough to set my glaze buckets for dipping.  It's the perfect height for my grandkids to work at too.

A little about building the table:

John welded the frame using 2x2" steel tube
The material for the table top was 12' long, 2' wide maple butcher block purchased from Lumber Liquidators

John cut the length in half.  He attached the sections with biscuits and wood glue.  Then he used clamps to squish it together until the glue was fully dry.
He routed a round-over edge around the table.   I think he looks like a Teddy Bear in this photo :)

John attached the table top to the frame with lag bolts.  He installed heavy duty adjustable feet, which were actually designed to level pinball machines.

We used a stain and 5 coats of polyurethane, with light sanding between each coat. 

Yesterday I worked at the table for the first time.  I'm still kind of babying it until I'm sure the poly is completely hardened.

John has built so many things for my studio.  Everything from shelves to a throwing gauge.  John, my love, I appreciate all the work and free time you have dedicated to making my pottery studio a dream come true.