Saturday, March 15, 2014

Mothers and Daughters

I received an email a couple months ago asking for 3 heart mugs. When I make my heart mugs I usually don't know the story the mug will be a part of.  I only know that it's about love. 

When I made these 3 mugs it was different.  I knew the love story and it followed me through the entire process.  Thoughts of Mothers and Daughters.  Thoughts of three daughters and a mother who signed her cards to them with hearts.   Three daughters that recently lost their Mom to cancer.  
Rustic Heart Mug

Cara wrote:
"  It was a difficult year for my sisters and I, and although surrounding ourselves with family and friends has helped so much…I have been looking for a daily reminder to focus on life’s happinesses. And there are a lot of them! She may not be able to write me letters signed with her heart anymore, but I know that seeing that heart on my mug every morning will bring a smile to my face, and hopefully my sister’s faces too".

Thank you Cara.  I am honored to make something that will be a remembrance of this Love story.

Truly a reminder for me not to take one day together for granted.

Any conversation is safe with me, I'm here for you any time of day or night. Angry words forgiven and forgot, lessons learned, lessons taught.  Tears shared and understood, triumphs praised and cheered.  A closeness only death can part, Forever sweet memories carried in my heart.