Friday, May 23, 2014

Glaze Test Tiles are Fired

mish-mash of test tiles

I decided on three base glazes for further testing.

Below are photos of the random recipes that I mixed.  The recipes with % are Mason Stains mixed with clear base.  The others are well known recipes available online.     

Interesting.. the tile for "Blue Hare" looks very similar to Potter's Choice "Blue Rutile"
More adventures in glazing to come.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glaze Recipe Test Tiles

I love the colors on these tiles and they aren't even fired yet.  

When ever I see a cone 6 glaze recipe that interests me, I pin it with intentions of one day testing it.   Months go by and the collection grows.  Finally I get around to testing and while sorting through these glaze recipes I ask myself.. How do I know if these are food safe?  This question is the main reason I'm committed to learning more about glaze chemistry.  I hope to one day be able to read a glaze recipe and based on the ingredients have a good idea if the recipe is food safe or not.   

I'm learning that glaze testing is much more than finding a pretty color and beautiful surface. Making glaze for functional ware comes with a huge responsibility.  Many things to be considered. 

I need to be sure that my pots are 100% safe for food use. I'm learning all I can about leach testing, freezing and boiling testing and dishwasher testing. 
Have a great glaze day!