Friday, February 6, 2015

Loving the Pour-Over Coffee Makers

I love coffee, I always have.  I remember being a tiny girl and my Daddy giving me "just one sip" from his coffee cup.
Pour over drip coffee maker 
by DirtKicker Pottery

There's just something about making and serving coffee in handmade pottery.  It's very satisfying and cozy.

I make my pour-overs kind of big, because I usually make generous size mugs.    

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First Glaze Firing in New L&L Kiln - Pottery Studio Tip - Modeling Stick / Ruler

Test Firing new kiln

First glaze firing is done.  My 9 hour firing schedule finished in 8 hours 35 minutes.  The moment of truth will be Thursday morning.  

I realize now that this kiln is much bigger than what I really wanted.   Probably should have purchased a Liberty Belle.

Studio Tip:
This tool is next to my wheel everytime I throw.  I use it to under-cut fresh pots and to check height and width.

Just take a simple wood modeling stick, measure out each inch and label with a Sharpie.   

Ruled modeling stick

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