Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Kiln Opening at DirtKicker Pottery - Firing the old L&L E28T

SNEAK PEEK ~ DirtKicker Pottery's Spring Kiln Opening.

DirtKicker Pottery 

Lots of mugs, honey pots, bakers, big bowls and more.  I'll begin listing new pieces in my Etsy Shop starting Monday, April 6 and will continue thoughout the month.   Keep an eye on my Etsy Shop so you don't miss out on your new favorite mug ;)  

This photo was taken looking into the kiln peep hole at about 1600°.  Can you see that cute little flower getting toasty?

L&L Kiln e28T3 

My Old L&L E28T3 kiln "R2" all polished, vacuumed and jam packed with glazed Spring Pottery. This 11-year-old kiln fires beautifully.  This firing ran for 9+ hours to cone 5.5.  

I wish I would have purchased a Liberty Belle as a second smaller kiln.  the E28S isn't that much smaller than the my E-28T.  The new E28S probably won't get much use.  Maybe sell it down the road.

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