Sunday, December 5, 2021

Remind me again


Here we are another December.  The older I get, the faster the years fly by.

Let's talk Pottery!   I'm still making decorative fun pieces.  Anyone who is familiar with my work will know that mugs are my zen thing.   I love, love, love making sweet mugs.

I have a zillion making techniques in my tool box but I believe that I have found my technique soulmate.   Mono-print allows me to illustrate, paint and work with clay.   It doesn't get better than that for me.  There's so much of my heart in these pieces and I feel a connection with each one.  

"Meant to Be" Mug
 by DirtKicker Pottery

Not everyone knows how much time and creativity goes into making and selling pottery.  Starting at wedging the clay and ending with driving boxes to the post office.  It's a labor of love for sure.

Many years ago I wrote a blog post "how much is that mug?"  I want to remind myself and others about the work that goes into making a handmade mug.   Even if my work isn't selling as fast as I would like, I still need to put a value on my time and art.  Not just for me, but for all makers.    

"Winter Bird" Mug, 
by DirtKicker Pottery 

One more thing.  I'm thinking about leaving Etsy.   It pisses me off when I market myself on social media and Etsy re-directs my customers to other shops.  Really Etsy?  So I'm searching for a new selling platform.  Any suggestions, let me know.
For the time being, you can find my work at DirtKicker Pottery Etsy Shop

I wish everyone a blessed and beautiful Christmas and Awesome 2022!

Love to all,