Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Emotional Attachment to a Favorite Mug is a Thing

Broken mug, broken heart

Over the years I've received several requests to make replacements for favorite mugs that had been broken.  I've learned that it's not uncommon for people to feel a personal attachment to a favorite mug.  I experienced that feeling first hand today.

John dropped and broke my favorite mug.   I heard the crash and sure enough, it was my favorite broken into pieces.  I think he felt worse than I did.  He knew that mug was special to me.

I made the mug during a difficult time.  I was able to express my feelings through the art for this design.   Somehow using the mug brought me comfort.  When the mug broke I felt that weird little piece of comfort disappear. I know it sounds ridiculous, but now I personally know the attachment that so many of my collectors have with their favorite mug.  It's a real thing.

Does a replacement mug take the place of the original?    From the feedback that I've received, the answer is yes. There is always the understanding that the replacement mug will not be the same as the original.  It will have it's own one of a kind personality.

So please, use your mugs and enjoy them.  Find comfort in drinking from them.  If your favorite breaks, don't feel bad for too long.  There's always more favorite mugs in my Etsy shop!

Love to all.
DirtKicker Pottery

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